Trade & services

Trade with wood :  
Farm out raw woods is main commodity in realization commercial activities. Sources are stick in used by businesses from landed society in centralslovakian region, which business in the long term complex work as well as sources from repurchase on station stump, skidway and delivery storage facilities second-hand public and especialy no in lands of the state terminal. Through hereof of the process is safety bulk resources on operation businesses. Yearly volume offering range of goods is in capacity suppose 50-60 000 m3.
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Trade with timber and firing:
vilage Veľká lúka to products coniferous a foliose slab as well as fission firing woods yearly in volume suppose 3 000 m3.
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00421/45/5442 146
Drive-away libriform material:
Business frame : within the frame its clear kapacit tender service in drive away its cargo cars ... Mercedes ... outfit hydraulicity hand – solitaire, articulated trailer look like and trailer.
Housing services:  
In operation it shall business 2 accommodation in vilage Sielnica, and that :  
Tourist rest s with beding size 40 beds and new-built apartment
New-built apartment "Sleep "with beding size 12 beds.
Manufacturing project for so-called. „eurofonds"  

Company successfully in antecedent period – SAPARD and SOP realization 7 project with translation focus silvicultural activity and forthcoming period – r. 2007-2013 he offers their know-how and services at to execute project too for other: yeoman, ranger and little commune in frames PRV under ministry of agricultural.
00421/45/5442 146
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