About company
Company Uniforst, com. Ltd she was institution sociable contract 10.10. 1994 with residence Sielnica 133, 962 31 Sliac. ICO: 31623727 with matriculation in Register of Business Names ,court of county Banská Bystrica day 7.2.1995. Extraction commercial business myself process course a few year on business with wide portfolio activities business area enterprise:
1. woodcraft and agricultural including vendition unworked woodland and agriculturals products in order to processing alternatively another vendition
2. mediation trade with wood, plant and other assistance wood
3. buying goods in order to his vendition other operator crafts range clear commercial crafts
4. mediation trade
5. housing services v rozsahu clear crafts 6. saw-fish mode of production 7. of roads motor to the right
8. management bookkeeping
9. delivering services in woodcraft,forestry and huntmanshiping
10. rental goods thing 11. treatment xylem stuff and production components of wood


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